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“To say that it was a ‘memorable’ year filled with emotions and new frontiers would be a massive understatement. For me, it was a year of angst, resentment, shame, and even occasional periods of lost hope and borderline despair…”


Life as a mom is quite the emotional rollercoaster ride. Once those teenage years hit, we are often blindsided by an attitude of disrespect and entitlement that is, at times, offset by sweet hugs and kisses from our teens. But throw in some depression, anxiety, and a handful of drama, and you have a taste of the trials and tribulations that bless motherhood. It is when we are at our wit’s end, not knowing what to do with our teenagers, that we often find ourselves grasping at our faith to lead us out of the storm. Cradle Catholics believe in God, but do we believe Him when He says, “Trust me”?


This is my story, but it’s not about me. It’s about how God thirsts for us, even when we aren’t ready to know Him. He used my season of overwhelming trials to stir my soul so that I thirsted as much for Him as He does for me. It’s about how wholeheartedly trusting Him in all circumstances leads to a place of comfort and inner peace that surpasses all understanding.


What others are saying about “Becoming An Unbreakable Mom of Faith”

I am blown away by your book.  It’s absolutely amazing!  I am only on page 18 and I’m jumping out of my skin.  I love this already!  It’s exactly where I’m at!  I feel like you’re laying the groundwork for me to follow.

Elizabeth Jordan, LMT, CH, HHP

I just finished reading your book!  I’m going to let it sink in for a few days.  Everyone, even non-moms will find enormous benefit and hope.  You are amazing!  Your vulnerability is exactly what made it such a good read.  It’s everything…. thousands of years and thousands of pages of God’s Word condensed in such a personal and powerful way.  I will always have it close by.

Lisa M.

This is a GREAT book! Wow!  I’m repeatedly pausing to think “this applies to me!” (and I’m not even a mom!).  It’s so insightful and emotional, impactful and soul-bearing!

Patricia Cheyne

I am loving your book so far.  It is an “easy” read in a way- but the raw honesty is amazing!