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  • The Unbreakable Moms of Faith: Spiritual Warfare


  • Stirring the Soul

What is the Unbreakable You Academy?

To be human means to be a physical being, emotional being and a spiritual being with no individual part being more important than the other. We must show compassion towards each of these areas by taking care of ourselves.  Doing so is what makes us unbreakable.  The courses below can help with this.

Courses in the The Unbreakable You Academy

Physical Being:

  • Get It Done Workouts
  • 6 Week Healthy Jump Start Program
  • Integrative Natural Health Videos for the Whole You
  • Just the Essentials of Essential Oils: Focus on Safety
  • 30 Day Gut Cleanse & Restore Program


Emotional Being

  • First Impressions: Confidence Training for the Quiet & Shy Female
  • Stop the Fighting and the Fussing with Your Teenager
  • For Moms: Connected to the H.E.A.R.T. (Help Empower Amazing Resilient Teens)
  • The Ultimate Bundle for Moms of Pre-teen and Teenage Daughters