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Essentials oils are AMAZING!
You’ve probably heard about them by now.  You may have even read my posts about them.  What you may not know though, is that they CAN hurt you because they are NOT benign.
The harm that they can cause has nothing to do with the quality of the product.  Instead it has to do with the potency… meaning using 100% pure, therapeutic/clinical grade essential oils.
See these pictures below? These are my legs.
The discoloration is from sensitization that happened several years ago, BEFORE I knew how harmful essential oils can be.
The red arrow is pointing to the scars from the skin biopsy that was taken because the dermatologist that I finally went to see, didn’t know what was causing my intense itching, the scaly skin and the raised red bumps that I had.
How intense was the problem?
Here is a list of medication regimen the dermatologist prescribed for me:
Zyrtec, a non drowsy antihistamine
Ranitidine, an antihistamine targeting the histamine receptors of the stomach
Benadryl, a sedating antihistamine
Yes, that’s THREE (3) histamine blockers.
PLUS self medicating with an extra Benadryl every 1-2 hours… just so that I could “function” without literally scratching my skin off.
And as a pharmacist, I was fully aware that I was overdosing myself with Benadryl, but I took the risk.
Oral steroids did not relieve any of the itching. Nor did topical steroids.
This was my life for 6 months…. all because of what I did NOT know about how to safely use essential oils.
Still think that these all natural essential oils are benign? Think again.
What you don’t know, CAN hurt you.
I’m on a mission to make sure that no one else suffers the harm that can be caused by essential oils.  If you want to discover how you can use them safely, I can created a course, Just the Essentials of Essential Oils.  You can purchase this $27 self paced program HERE: