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Have you ever hired a coach? Not a teacher or mentor, but a coach.

What’s the difference? I thought that there were all the same but this is what I’ve learned:

Teacher: someone who imparts knowledge to a student. A teacher is assumed to always have the right answers.

Mentor: a guiding force/expert that shows you how to achieve things faster. A mentor typically focuses on career and your future results.

A coach can include the elements of a teacher or mentor but there is a fundamental difference. A coach unlocks something that already exists within a person. Coaches are less focused on the end goal but instead focus on the journey and process to get to a future point.

And a good coach knows how to ask the right questions to guide you through solving your own issues.

In other words, coaches are invaluable. Especially when you invest in someone to work with you one on one.

Like any teacher or mentor, your coach will teach and train you with whatever it is that you need.

But the most valuable aspect is that they LISTEN to you so that they can COACH you in the area where you need support and in a WAY that resonates specifically to you.

Private coaching is not cheap. If it is, then you need to question the value of what you are going to receive.

It’s the difference between taking a group fitness class and hiring a personal trainer.

If you have never worked with a coach, then yes, go for what you can afford. Learn the basics.

But when you are “stuck” and ready to progress, you need to make a bigger investment of time and money.

But here’s the thing:

When you choose to invest in you, your life shifts because you are working hard and investing in having the proper support that will take you to a whole new level.

I also know that when we try to go it alone we end up frustrated and quite often stuck, spinning our wheels.

When you are stuck and frustrated, find a coach. You will never regret doing so.

PS: you can find a coach for almost anything: life coach, health coach, financial coach, parenting coach, book writing coach, personal styling coach, branding coach, business coach…. you get the picture.