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Dream Big like a Rock Star!

We all want different things for our life.

They can be material things, or things related to relationships, our job or even our health.

Sometimes we get these things but other times we are so “stuck” in the doing the everyday routine that we forget to even think about these things that we want.

Like “better health”.

What does it mean to be “healthy”?

Everybody has a different definition.  For some it means to be disease free.  For others it means to eat right and exercise and for others it simply means to be content with where they currently are.

What is your definition?

Have you ever taken time to really think about it?  If not, I invite you to take a moment and articulate what “being healthy” really means to YOU.

It’s sort of like defining what it means to “be happy”.

We all want to be happy, but what that happiness actually means and looks like is different for each of us.

Becoming aware of our own definition is the first step in shifting our mindset.

Uh oh….there’s that word “mindset”.

I used to hate that word because I thought it was for people who had no goal.  No drive.  No willpower.

Is that what comes to mind when you hear the word, mindset?

I’ve been learning about what mindset really means, and yes, it can be about goals..or drive…or willpower.

But your mindset is really your conscious compass that affects everything you do, say, act and feel.

But it goes much deeper than what your conscious mind is aware of.  You also have a subconscious compass.

These are the stories that we’ve been told about ourselves and stories that continue to play in our subconscious mind.

A common subconscious mindset is that “I’m not good enough”.

It can be that ‘I’m not good enough at sports’ or ‘I’m not smart enough to succeed’ or ‘I’m not good enough to make it on my own’.

Does this resonate with you?  It does with me, because that was (is) a story that I heard in my head for many years.  I may not have been aware of it, but it was there.

The good news is that we can change this story on a subconscious and conscious level.

There are so many excellent resources to help you change your mindset.  If you would like to know my 5 favorite books, you can click  HERE.

One way is by “acting as if”.

I first learned about the exercise of “acting as if” from Jack Canfield (motivation speaker, author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and “The Success Principles”).

‘Acting as if’ is a fascinating principle based on the fact that our subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagination.

By “acting as if” you have already achieved/manifested what you want your will begin to notice a shift in how you behave, act and think.

This is a fantastic exercise and habit to start doing and it is very simple.

You begin by allowing yourself to dream…dream BIG.

Remember in the beginning of this I asked you to define what it means to “be healthy”?  Well, let’s take your definition and imagine….

What would it FEEL like to really be healthy?

What would you be DOING that you aren’t doing now if you were healthy?

What would you HAVE in your life and around you if you were healthy?

Where would you BE if you were healthy?

Then take a moment to imagine an entire day, from the moment you open your eyes to the moment you fall asleep, living your life according to your definition of “healthy”.

This is a powerful exercise that can change not just your mindset but your life.

I invite you to do this exercise and “act as if” for the next 24 hours.  Or better yet, an entire week.

And don’t forget to grab my 5 favorite books to help change your mindset!